The NFL is choosing whether or not or now not to amend the



policies on overtime for post season football games to reduce the have an effect on of the coin toss in overtime. Currently if each groups are at the equal rating/tied after regulation time has been performed, then a 2nd coin toss happens to determine who will begin the overtime period.


The overtime duration is currently issue to the ‘sudden demise’ rule, which means that that the facet winning the coin toss sincerely has to transport down-subject and win the sport with the primary score, that can nicely be a notably easy field aim. Visit :- ทีเด็ดบอล


On such policies are vitally vital playoff games determined.


A ‘appearance’ at this rule has come too overdue for the Minnesota Vikings, who lost to the New Orleans Saints within the semi-finals of this year’s Super Bowl, to a 40 backyard discipline aim score. The Saints went directly to win Super Bowl XLIV.


Under the new proposals, the game can nonetheless be received on the primary possession with an offensive or defensive landing, but if a team simplest manages to score a discipline aim, then the opposing group will get the ball. Thereafter, the unexpected-death layout resumes. So if a crew conceded 3 points on the primary time beyond regulation possession and scored a hint down on their personal possession – the sport would lead to a win for the TD scoring crew.


Currently, around 60% of groups triumphing the extra time coin toss pass directly to win the game. The rule seeks to redress the balance in publish season games.


The rule will now not be brought for regular season games because the powers that be sense that there are already enough performs. Adding to the range of plays or the period of games absolutely places more pressure on gamers. So it looks as if crucial video games that might get you into the playoffs within the first vicinity will be excluded from the new regulations.


The basic beyond regular time rules had been put in location in 1974 to eliminate ties in the sport, however with football’s improvement and the improvement in gamers’ professionalism and training, kickers have stepped forward – leading to this today’s look at the rule of thumb book.


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